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Replacement Office Accommodation

A disaster may affect more than just your IT systems - it may mean loss of use or of access to your office premises. This could be the result of damage to the building or of denial of access by the public authorities, for example in the event of damage to a nearby building or of some other threat to the area.

A good disaster recovery service must cater for this possibility with rapid relocation of your essential users and provision of fully operational replacement systems in fully-equipped alternative premises.

Workplace Recovery

RescueIT’s Workplace Recovery service
provides you with suitable alternative
premises within 24 hours of a disaster
invocation at no additional cost.

RescueIT’s Workplace Recovery service provides you with suitable alternative premises within 24 hours of a disaster invocation at no additional cost. If faster relocation is required, this option is also available.

The premises are fully equipped with switchboard and telephones and a block of telephone numbers will be allocated on arrival. You are responsible for contacting your service provider to request re-direction of incoming calls.


These are the office relocation sites for your nominated number of 'Essential Users', in cases where you can no longer access or use your own premises. You decide how many Essential Users you have and the contract provides them with three months in these premises. This period can be extended if required. There are hundreds of these locations around the country, with particularly heavy concentrations in all major cities. In the case of a disaster where you need to be re-located, we provide the most convenient office for your location and number of essential users. If the disaster affects a wide area, we provide offices further away in an area that is not affected.

Where re-location is necessary, Rescue IT delivers and installs your replacement IT systems in the alternative premises as part of the contract. At the end of the re-location period, the new IT systems are also transported to and re-instated at your own premises.

IT Systems

These conveniently located premises are high-quality offices, fully-equipped and furnished with state-of-the-art internal and external communications links. All recovery premises have high-speed, secure, managed internet service (E1) and ISDN lines to desktops. LANs are CAT 5 cabled. WANs are leased lines, ISDN or Internet. The minimum broadband connection at these offices is a 2MB connection, which can be readily upgraded to 10Mb, if required.

Communication Links

Reception, mail-handling, voicemail and telephone answering services are all included. There is access at the alternative premises, at additional cost, to fax and photocopying facilities, meeting rooms, conference rooms, video-conferencing, secretarial and other services.

Office Services

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