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Level 1 Risk - Loss or corruption of data

Total Systems Security is a packaged solution that integrates our range of complementary services to protect your systems against the three cumulative levels of IT systems risk:

Total Systems Security Package

A disaster recovery service that covers only your servers and data is not sufficient.

Total Systems Security - combines our main services in one integrated package that protects you against all three levels of risk, by providing you with:

High security, fully encrypted Secure Data Vaulting in our Tier 4 data centres

Hot Start Server Recovery services

Network Recovery services - immediate replacement and full re-instatement of all lost or damaged IT equipment and data

Workplace Recovery - immediate re-location of Essential Users to fully equipped replacement office premises, where necessary

Disaster Recovery Plan with updates and annual “desktop” review.

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Loss or corruption of data can be caused by anything from human error, disk crashes, viruses or ‘malicious erasure’, through to level 2 and 3 disasters

Level 2 Risk - Loss of or damage to systems

Fire and theft are the two most common causes of loss or damage to systems.  Flooding, loss of power and loss of data communications can also render your systems wholly or partially unusable.

Level 3 Risk - Loss of use of or access to premises

Fire and flooding are the most likely causes. Other risks include theft, denial of access to the premises by public authorities and, at the furthest extreme, terrorism.

Secure Data Vaulting

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