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“Many of our clients purchase expensive Business Interruption insurance but don’t give any real thought as to the practical measures that would need to be taken in the event of a major fire or flood. It’s no good waiting for the worst to happen and then simply sitting back and waiting for a Business Interruption policy to pay your loss of profits - you may well be indemnified for the losses in the short term but your business may never recover in the long term.

In our view it is far better to have a real hands on practical solution to disasters and that is where we believe Rescue IT comes into its own. In today’s fast moving world, IT infrastructure is absolutely vital and even one day out of action is one day too many. There are simply no other similar policies on the market that provide this service and we therefore recommend it to our clients wholeheartedly.”

P.W.B., Regional MD, nationwide insurance broker group

P.W.B., Regional MD,
nationwide insurance broker group

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