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Data Backup Solutions – Ensuring the availability of your business data

An in-depth analysis of the business benefits and the various approaches available, plus advice on best practice and related management issues.…

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ICAEW’s IT Faculty publication – March 2015

Dealing with disaster

RescueIT's Managing Director discusses how accountancy firms can enhance their businesses and benefit their clients by utilising and understanding cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions.

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ICAEW's Chartech magazine, Jan/Feb 2014 Issue

Can You Afford the Risk?

RescueIT’s managing director discusses the three levels of IT disaster and how those risks can impact an organisation.

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ICAEW’s Chartech magazine, May/June 2006 Issue

Concerns for Accountancy Firms regarding their IT systems

42% of accountants surveyed are still using tape-based backup despite its many shortcomings compared with on-line backup to remote secure data centres...

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Survey Infographic January 2015

Top Tips for IT Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ian Cockburn FCA, Managing Director of RescueIT, gives his ten Top Tips to help you choose the most effective solution…

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ICAEW’s Economia magazine February 2015