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Email Defence  - Comprehensive Network Defence Managed Service

Email Defence is a managed service that provides advanced antivirus and spam filtering tools that continuously scan your incoming emails. Viruses and spam messages are detected and deleted before they ever reach your network. Any suspect emails are hosted at a dedicated website. Each user is emailed on a daily basis with an individual web link to go to their quarantined suspect emails and tick which ones they want forwarded to their inbox and which ones they want to delete.

This service is normally provided in conjunction with Rescue IT’s Managed Firewall service, which, when combined, provides you with ‘corporate class’ protection from malicious or unauthorised access to your network.

Secure Network Access  - SSL-VPN  (Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Network Service)

With the ever increasing requirement for remote connectivity from your users, the ability to provide a flexible AND secure option is becoming a major business issue. Rescue IT’s SSL-VPN service allows your remote workers to securely access your network, using an industry-standard set of security features to ensure only authorised users are allowed access to your company’s internal network from the public Internet.

Equipment Hosting & Managed Bandwidth

The Network Operations Centre (NOC), based in the City of London, is advantageously located within one of Level 3 Communications’ global data centres, thereby benefiting from direct access to one of the world’s largest and most robust communications infrastructures. By being able to provide a combined hosting and bandwidth service based on such an infrastructure, Rescue IT is able to deliver the highest services levels available to small and medium sized business in the UK today.

  1. Equipment Hosting Service - Rescue IT provides equipment cabinets in Level 3’s co-location suite. Our hosting facility is based within Level 3’s, Class A data centre and has mains power back up, fire detection and suppression systems and 24-hour building security.  Each cabinet is secured with sufficient power and communications provision. The facility is operated on a 7 x 24 basis and our clients can request out of normal working hours access.

  2. System Resilience, Security and High Availability - we guarantee the environment in which your systems are housed, with fully redundant power and communications and the assurance that your equipment is operating within the manufacturers’ optimum conditions.

  3. Managed Bandwidth - provided in conjunction with our hosting service (as detailed above) or as a managed service on its own, Rescue IT will provide internet and Wide Area Network (WAN) connections to your office locations as part of the PReSS system. These will be backed to an ISP and Rescue IT will manage the relationship and the escalation of any faults on your behalf. Rescue IT will constantly monitor your bandwidth via the PReSS system to verify availability and performance and you can view live statistical information on the availability of bandwidth through Rescue IT’s website, via a secure password protected login.

  4. Multiple Communications Options - having access to Level 3 Communications’ global network of nearly all the major telecommunications providers worldwide, enables us to provide you with many options, from the most basic broadband service, through to the most complex of MPLS solutions.

Email Defence

Other Services

‘Managed Firewall’ provides you with ‘corporate class’ protection from malicious or unauthorised access to your network.

Secure Network Access - SSL-VPN

Equipment Hosting & Managed

Biometric Access Seurity
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