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Object Storage

Hitachi Content Platform is an object storage system that stores files and associated metadata (information about the file) as an object. It readily evolves with changes in the scale, scope, application, storage and server technologies over time. Old storage can be replaced with new storage automatically, enabling smooth scaling without disruption.

Most significantly, Hitachi Content Platform eliminates the need for a siloed approach to storing unstructured content and can support a wide range of applications on a single physical cluster.

Hitachi Content Platform

Massively Scalable Private
Cloud Storage

Unstructured data growth, application proliferation and increasing variation in data types continue to accelerate. Hitachi Content Platform provides the answer to the technical and financial challenges of storing, protecting, preserving and retrieving ever-growing volumes of unstructured content.

By facilitating Hitachi Content Platform, RescueIT can help you to be flexible as data continues to grow, providing the security and broad support needed to enable you to gain the benefits of archiving, backup reduction, cloud, consolidation and more without compromising security or completely rewriting critical applications.

Highly Reliable

The system employs RAID-6 erasure coding, multiple dynamic data protection levels, data integrity checks and many other technologies to preserve and protect content. It has the added protection of multiple replication schemes as well as support for spin-down disks, retention of previous versions of content, metadata and content search tools and a browsable interface for self-service recovery.

Supremely Flexible

Hitachi Content Platform enables creation of an agile content environment that scales easily, suffers no disruption from hardware or software upgrades and can automatically transition workloads and content to new storage and server technologies. It enables the true separation of data from applications

or storage media so that the content can provide useful information now and long into the future. With Hitachi Content Platform, organizations have visibility and search tools for content as well as the metadata that is associated with it. This provides IT with the ability to understand the content that is stored, allowing more intelligent automated tiering, governance and compliance policy enforcement, and an overall improvement in business process.


Content Preservation

■ Store, retrieve and manage the lifecycle of data for long-term storage for corporate governance.

■ Protect and secure content for long-term preservation; content is continually checked throughout its retention period for integrity.

■ Aggregate content from a variety of sources, including file servers, email and collaboration tools such as Microsoft SharePoint.

■ Grow business horizontally to support multiple applications and content types and scale vertically to support continued data growth.


■ Employ a single, multipurpose, unstructured data platform forarchive, cloud and backup capabilities.

■ Monitor and report on storage and bandwidth use for chargeback.

■ Employ user tools as well as application and management interfaces for cloud and distributed environments.

Data Protection

■ Leverage advanced replication, erasure coding and edge device integration to ensure collection and protection of content.

■ Select the right level of protection with dynamic data protection levels.

■ Locate the right information with ease thanks to metadata query tools, versioning and full content search.

■ Move data protection or deep archive copies to spin-down disk or make tape copies if desired.

Content Distribution

■ Connect multiple, distributed sites to a centralized content repository.

■ Share content from one edge location to another via Hitachi Data Ingestor.

■ Control data placement and distribute content to appropriate audiences.

■ Provide bottomless, backup-free storage to branch and remote offices via Hitachi Data Ingester.