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As there was no immediate technical solution available, they called on their Disaster Recovery contract with RescueIT, which includes rapid re-location of key staff to alternative premises, with suitable internet bandwidth.

Less than two hours after receiving the first call, RescueIT confirmed the location of a high quality, fully equipped alternative office, with broadband connectivity, barely 15 minutes walk from their existing central London office and available for their key staff to occupy that same afternoon.

Chief Executive, PM, later commented “The speed and professionalism of RescueIT’s response was exceptional and the location they offered us could hardly have been more convenient. Their on-line backup and disaster recovery services give us confidence that we could survive even a major IT disaster in our corporate offices, with minimal interruption for our staff.”

This customer provides an internet banking service, so when they discovered one morning that they had lost internet connectivity to their corporate offices, they knew they had to act quickly to ensure their staff could continue working.

Case Study 4

Case Study 4:

Premises Disaster Invocation