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Just a few months later, they lost all their key data and the use of their main server. They called RescueIT’s 24x7 response line and were delighted to discover that the service was just as robust and effective as had been promised.

RW, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, commented, “We were very impressed with the speed and efficiency of RescueIT’s response. Because of their excellent service we were fully operational again before our customers had even realised we had a problem.”

Furthermore all the costs of restoring the systems and data, supplying replacement equipment and the engineering time to install and re-instate the server were covered by RescueIT under the contract - the invocation cost the customer absolutely nothing.

(Note: this invocation happened before the launch

of RescueIT’s ‘hot-start’ server recovery service - see
Virtual Server Disaster Recovery)

When this customer, which
provides high-level marketing
services to major retailers,
arranged IT disaster recovery
and on-line backup with
RescueIT, they had no idea
how soon they would be
calling on the service.

Case Study 2

Case Study 2:

Server Disaster Invocation

Case Studies 3 Case Studies 3