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Fortunately they had signed up to RescueIT’s cloud-based backup and disaster recovery service just two months previously.

Working in conjunction with the firm’s in-house IT manager and external support engineer, RescueIT established that restoring to the remote standby servers in our data vault would not be the best solution for the client, given that the problem was a SAN failure. Rather priority should be given to restoring operational capability on the client’s own servers, by restoring the cluster domain control servers from our remote data vault to the client’s IT environment, over the internet.

The restores were completed within four hours and shortly afterwards the client confirmed that they had as a result been able to recover their virtual environment and that their critical servers were now fully operational again.

The partner responsible for the firm’s IT later commented that the on-line restore of the DC servers had reduced the time needed to restore full IT functionality by nearly two days, which had been critical to helping them meet the end of January tax filing deadline, despite the SAN disaster.

This twelve-partner, two-location firm of accountants suffered a major SAN failure in the last week of January 2013, which brought their work to a dead stop, just before the tax-filing deadline.

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Case Study 1:

Storage Disaster Invocation

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